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Anstey Park - no through route in January 2021

By John Field Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association

Tuesday, 8 December 2020


Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association Contributor


Alton Town Council has notified the organisations in Anstey Park that, for the duration of the roadworks for the juntion improvements, a barrier will be placed in the park to eliminate rat-running.

"As you may be aware there is work scheduled to improve the junction between Anstey Road and Anstey Lane by way of the installation of traffic lights and the creation of an additional lane for people turning left from Anstey Lane into Anstey Road.

There has been some preparatory work carried out over the last couple of months, moving utilities in advance of this work commencing.

At this time, we have been advised that the main work is due to start on the 4th January 2021 and will take in the region of 16 weeks to complete.

In addition to the works, in order to stop Anstey Park being used as a rat run by traffic attempting to bypass the temporary road works, Hampshire County Council will be erecting a solid barrier, just beyond the entrance to 8th Alton Scouts. This barrier will remain in place for the duration of the works.

Clubs and organisations will therefore need to inform their users/visitors that they will need to use the Anstey Road entrance to the park, except for those accessing Energique, the Air Cadets and St John Ambulance, who will need to use the Anstey Lane entrance.

We apologise if this causes any inconvenience but hopefully you will appreciate that we must ensure the park remains safe for all users without the risk posed by large volumes of additional vehicular traffic using the road through the site. "

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