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Neighbourhood Watch 15/2/17

By John Field Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association Contributor


Please be aware of the following incidents that have occurred or been reported during the period 06/02 – 15/02/17.


Between 1500 on 05/02 and 0745 on 06/02 entry has been forced to a garage in Southview Rise and a number of power tools and a Specialized mountain bike stolen.

Between 1900 on 05/02 and 1700 on 06/02 a cycle has been stolen from the front garden of a property in Kingsland Road.

Between 0730 and 2030 on 07/02 entry has been gained to a property in Whitedown Lane by smashing glass of a side door. Items including an ipad, Dell Laptop and a Dewalt drill were stolen.

Between 1810 and 2045 on 07/02 entry was gained through an insecure door to property in Spitalhatch. A search was made of ground and upper floors and a laptop, camcorder and items of jewellery stolen.

Between 1230 and 1930 on 07/02 an attempt was made to gain entry to a property in Mount Pleasant Avenue using keys left in the lock of the door. Entry was prevented by a bolt at the top of the door.

Between 1400 on 10/02 and 1220 on 11/02 an attempt has been made to gain access to property at The Lamports, no entry was gained but damage caused to the door frame.

Between 1000 on 03/02 and 1800 on 08/02 a Muddy Fox Cycle was stolen from a bike shed at flats in Mill Lane.

Between 1830 and 2230 on 13/02 a swastika has been painted on the bonnet of a vehicle which was parked on Rack Close Road.

Between 1930 on 13/02 and 1130 on 14/02 white paints has been thrown over a vehicle.

Between 1945 on 13/02 and 0600 on 14/02 both wing mirrors of a vehicle parked in Elmwood Close have been broken off.

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