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Road works to improve Anstey junction

By John Field Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association

Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Alton Eastbrooke & Wooteys Residents' Association Contributor


HAMPSHIRE County Council is proceeding with highways improvement works at the Anstey Road/Anstey Lane junction.

These alterations, which will include the installation of traffic lights and widening of the road, will begin next year and proceed through the summer.

Alton Town Council has agreed in principle to give part of the corner of Anstey Park to make way for the works.

The county council said Anstey Road is “a key pedestrian and cycle corridor from the Holybourne, Anstey and Wootey residential areas” and “is heavily used during peak times”.

Engineers have “considered a range of options” to “increase capacity” at the junction, “enhance the safety” of cyclists using the cycle lane and provide safe crossing facilities.

The preferred scheme is to implement a signalised junction.

This will “substantially reduce queueing and delays through provision of segregated right turn lanes on Anstey Road and Anstey Lane”.

The tree situated in the corner of the park is expected to be felled to facilitate the works.

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