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Planning Committee

Alton School - 28 Dwellings

Plans for Alton School have been amended,  the proposed housing development at the front part of the site has been reduced by 7 homes (new proposed total = 28 homes overall) in order to avoid root disturbance of protected trees.

The applicant has produced a viability report which contends that due to this reduction there needs to be zero affordable houses to make the scheme viable.

You are able to comment before the end of July.

Cadnam Farm Variation

Some residents who commented on previous planning may have been notified that Martin Grant wished to put in a "variation of condition 13" but with little assistive text explaining the changes! With some analysis by the Planning sub-committee we are able to share the following:

"In summary, there is no overall change to the number of homes shown and no overall change to the numbers of each sized home.

There is no change to the location or size of the open play area.

The overall number of visitors' parking spaces provided is unchanged.

The layout changes are in the eastern, central, and south western 'blocks'. "

Basically switching some of the houses. We do not believe this to be of detriment to the overall plan or limits put in place by the original approval but if residents wished to comment they can do so on on the EHDC Planning Portal

Plot by plot analysis can be seen in the document below "Martin Grant Plot analysis"


Due to the unprecedented number and size of applications in our area we have set-up a Planning Sub-Committee who report back to the main Residents' Association meetings.

If you need to know more details and about the planning process we suggest you attend the Sub-Committee meetings.

Significant application in our area include

Cadnam Farm: application for 275 houses (40% ‘affordable homes’) on a greenfield site. Multiple developers.

Highmead: application for 120 houses (40% ‘affordable homes’) on a greenfield site. 

  • Decision: REFUSED (on appeal)
  • EHDC application ref: 55250/001
  • Developer’s website: Foreman Homes
  • Applicant has applied to the Planning Inspector due to non determination

Land West of Old Odiham Rd: proposal for 98 houses (15% affordable) on greenfield site with associated landscaping and transport provision

Molson Coors Sports Ground: outline planning application to erect up to 85 dwellings

  • Decision: APPROVED